Affiliate Programme Terms

Terms & Conditions

  1. Becoming a RentiD Affiliate Partner is subject to acceptance by RentiD whose decision is final and the Affiliate Partner accepting RentiD’s Privacy Policy, Website Terms and Conditions and Affiliate Programme Terms and Conditions.
  2. RentiD Limited employees are excluded from joining the Affiliate Programme.
  3. RentiD reserve the right to pause or close the Affiliate Programme with a calendar month notice by email to existing Affiliate Partners, paying any rewards due from successful referrals prior to the notified pause or closing date.
  4. RentiD reserve the right to amend the reward value for a successful referral with a calendar month notice by email to existing Affiliate Partners, paying out the existing reward value prior to the notified change date.
  5. RentiD will only pay rewards to an Affiliate Partner whose contacts/referrals successfully subscribe property units to RentiD as a paying customer (i.e. as a Landlord or Property Manager) and do not request their money back within 30 days of taking up their subscription. This is known as a successful subscription. RentiD is not responsible for the non-conversion of an Affiliate Partner’s referrals to being successful paying subscribers to RentiD’s services.
  6. Affiliate Partners may not claim rewards against subscriptions for their own properties or request a discount against subscription prices for their own requirements.
  7. RentiD will email each Affiliate Partner a monthly report detailing i. the number of unique visitors to their personal web landing page on, ii. the number of paid-for subscriptions generated from these visitors and iii. The number of paid-for subscriptions that pass the 30 day money back guarantee mark (a successful subscription) and therefore valid for reward.
  8. Referrals are tracked by way of cookies from the Affiliate Partner’s personal link. This method of reward attribution will not work if an Affiliate Partner’s contact blocks cookies when they access RentiD’s website or they visit our website directly without ever using the Affiliate Partner’s link.  If an Affiliate Partner believes they have not been rewarded for a Landlord or Property Manager contact who has gone on to successfully subscribe to RentiD, then they should put this in writing to for investigation.
  9. Affiliate Partners are responsible for their own tax liabilities that may arise as a result of participating in the RentiD Affiliate Programme.
  10. These terms are governed by English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.