Concern over the rise of holiday lets


Concern over the rise of holiday lets

By RentiD Admin

Concern over the rise of holiday lets

I read a recent article in The Guardian about short-term, holiday let ‘dominance’ in parts of the UK with some genuine consternation.

As is commonly understood, a quarter of people in the UK will be privately renting by the end of 2021. Put simply, more people will need rental property in the villages, towns and cities where they want to live for work and family reasons. The increase in short-term holiday lets is compounding the housing stock shortage which shows no sign of being resolved any time soon.

I feel many landlords are electing to go down the holiday let route because they feel it’s the most profitable – even with the cost of guest management services that are often employed to remove a lot of the hassle.

But I’d like to propose that landlords of residential property can still make a decent, consistent and all-year-round return if they do a little more self-management to control costs and act to reduce risks by staying on top of compliance requirements and taking advantage of products that can guarantee rent.

Yes it’s getting trickier, but help is out there and good landlords will always be able to find good tenants and maintain strong relationships with them for the long term.

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