How long does my subscription last and is it refundable?


How long does my subscription last and is it refundable?

By RentiD Admin

Your subscription to RentiD Manage or Manage Plus provides access to our Digital Assistant for 12 months and covers one property unit i.e. home or room in a House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO). If you would like to add additional properties to our service, you will need to pay for additional subscriptions.

Subscriptions to RentiD are not refundable or transferable should you sell or transfer ownership of your property during any 12 month subscription period. Similarly, should you transfer the rights to manage your property to a property manager or letting agent the same applies.

RentiD Manage is currently offered for free to Landlords and Property Managers. Should RentiD decide to start charging for RentiD Manage, users who subscribe before the price increase will be able to continue to access the Digital Assistant app for up to twelve months from their initial registration. However after this period, all property units uploaded to the platform will be subject to renewal charges irrespective of when they were added to the account.

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