What do I get for my subscription?


What do I get for my subscription?

By RentiD Admin

The RentiD Digital Assistant app comes a whole host of management tools including:

A powerful rent management tool powered by Lettspay.  Each property is equipped with it’s own Digital Wallet that works in the same way as a designated client money account.  When rent is paid into this wallet, the app can track the status of payments in real time. The app will also automatically send rent payment reminders to your tenants via email and text when rent is due or overdue but will not chase rent if standing orders are set-up and when payments have been successfully made in full. Unlike some other providers, we do not charge a percentage handling fee per transaction. Unlimited use of the Digital Wallet for rent and deposit transactions is included as part of your subscription.

A powerful maintenance and repair reporting tool powered by Fixflo.  Tenants can report issues to you in a structured way after the system has provided self-help guidance to cut down on non-genuine requests that are easy to remedy without professional intervention. Outside of office hours, this system is backed-up by the AXA Partners network of emergency repairers (or your preferred supplier) for serious emergencies.

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