Happy renters equal happier employees


Happy renters equal happier employees

By RentiD Admin

Happy renters equal happier employees

According to recent research, a quarter of UK households will be renting by next year.

Although legislation designed to strengthen the rights of tenants to live in safe, quality housing continues to march forward, we feel there is still much that can be done by the lettings industry to help both private landlords and tenants find happiness in their tenancy arrangements. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be if your landlord takes their time fixing a broken power shower?

RentiD offer landlords and tenants a Digital Assistant app that helps save both time and hassle. For tenants, this is centred around direct communication with their landlord which is more conducive to building better, more responsive relationships.

Also included is powerful maintenance and repair reporting and tracking and the reassurance that RentiD guides landlords to be up-to-date with their duty of care responsibilities.

The RentiD app is free for tenants. When the home environment is good and tenancies can be made more secure for the longer term, employees are more likely to be more productive whether they return to the workplace or continue to work more from home.

For more information on how RentiD can help tenants click here.

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