How can Proptech help ease tenant frustrations?


How can Proptech help ease tenant frustrations?

By RentiD Admin

How can Proptech help ease tenant frustrations?

Tenants often find it frustrating getting hold of their landlords to ask questions and raise maintenance and repair requests. Sometimes this is because there has been a none-to-diligent ‘middleman’.

Whilst Proptech is revolutionising a tenants’ ability to find new places to call home, there is still a gap for an all-encompassing tool to help tenants more efficiently manage their tenancies including better communication with their landlord.

RentiD’s Digital Assistant enables tenants to communicate directly with their landlords, access important documents like their tenancy agreements and more efficiently report and track maintenance and repair issues. All from a single app rather than a profusion of email, easily mislaid paper files and non-responsive calls to a letting agent.

If you are a tenant frustrated with finding documents, getting hold of your landlord or the being able to track the status of a repair then why not give RentiD a try?

It’s free for tenants.

For more information about RentiD for Tenants click here.

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