How to write a great property listing


How to write a great property listing

By RentiD Admin

How to write a great property listing for Rightmove and Zoopla

When marketing your property on portals like Rightmove and Zoopla, one of the most important tasks is to create a great listing for your property. An accurate, well written, well pictured property will really make the difference in terms of attracting the right tenants for the right price.

In our new world of social distancing, it’s clear that prospective tenants will physically view less properties; favouring instead to be more discerning by short listing potentials to view in person after attending a virtual viewings first. It’s therefore never been more important to do a great job of showcasing your property online.

However, you don’t need to be an accomplished advertising copywriter to write a great property listing. In fact, we believe you the landlord or property manager can do just as good a job (if not better) than many a letting agent who usually don’t have any formal training in copywriting themselves.

To help inspire you and give you some simple tips, read our ‘how to guide’ below.

Maximise enquiries to find the best tenants for you

We want as many prospective tenants as possible to enquire about your property. This will give you the best chance of finding the best tenant that meets your criteria for a high quality tenant.

You will already know the key features of your property better than anyone else, but in addition we want to create a desire to view your property. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to consider:

1) Your target audience – what sort of tenant are you looking for? Although please remember, you cannot discriminates against groups of people – for example on the grounds of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation etc.

2) Why your property? What is it about your property that will appeal to your target audience over other properties on the market?

Through your listing you want to answer the question in the prospective tenant’s mind:

“Is this the right home for me?”

Headline (Summary Description)

Just like in print advertising, the headline is where you want to grab your audience’s attention. This is place to mention the most important thing about your property in a clear and succinct way. Rightmove set a size limit of 300 characters so you’ll need to use this wisely. It may be best to write the full description first and then come back to the headline after you’ve drafted the key features and benefits of your property.

Key Features

Rightmove allow up to ten bullet pointed features about your property with each feature being given a maximum of 200 characters.

Key features are used by prospective tenants to quickly establish if the property meets their basic criteria.
We recommend you cover the following:
• Number and size of bedrooms e.g. two double and one single bedroom
• Number of bathrooms e.g. family bathroom and en-suite shower
• Parking arrangements e.g. driveway or allocated parking bay
• Is the property furnished, part furnished of unfurnished?
• Availability, type and size of outside space e.g. compact, low maintenance back garden with patio
• Type of heating e.g. gas central heating
• Proximity to local facilities i.e. shops, quality schooling, transportation links
• Other desirable features – especially if you feel they will appeal to your ideal tenant e.g. alarm, kitchen appliances

Full Description

Once you’ve attracted the attention of the browsing tenant, this is your opportunity to build their interest in your property and therefore their likelihood to request a viewing.

Tone of voice

We recommend you use a conversational tone of voice (write as if you were speaking) and use the words ‘you’ and ‘your’ to forge a connection with the reader. Posing questions is also a great way to engage and helps the prospective tenant picture the property in their mind.

For example: “How would you like to live in an apartment well placed for the best the town has to offer in terms of shopping, entertainment and transportation links?”

Benefits as well as features

In the full description, you should highlight benefits as well as features. For example, your property may have three double bedrooms (one en-suite), a kitchen-diner and a separate study (features) so would be perfect for someone who likes to work from home whilst also accommodating a busy family (benefit).

Emotive language

The use of emotive, positive language can also be used to build desire for your property. For example if a bedroom is large, it can be described as ‘spacious’. If small it can be ‘cosy’. However, please remember you need to be factually correct and not misleading. Just like any form of advertising your listing needs to adhere to the rules of being legal, decent, honest and truthful.

Finally if your kitchen comes with appliances, don’t be afraid to mention the brands as trust in these brands can reflect well on the property. It can show pride in the property and that you’ve not skimped in equipping it.

Don’t forget high quality photography, floorplans and virtual walk throughs

Great property descriptions need to be paired with high quality photography and a floorplan to complete them. Remember, we are trying to build up a favourable picture of the property in the mind of your ideal tenant and both photography and a floorplan play crucial roles in achieving this.

Combined properly, prospective tenants are able to visualise items such as furniture placement and space.
Adding a virtual walk through will enhance this further as the prospective tenant can wander from room to room before making a decision to physically view. Also it’s a great way to ensure the tenants are actually interested in the property before booking a time to meet.

How RentiD can help

If you still wish for someone else to write your property listing, or perhaps you really don’t have the time, our RentiD with Digital Assistant Plus subscription comes complete with our data entry and copywriting service, eight professional photographs and a floor plan!

We also of course can offer high quality virtual walk throughs and all these services can be bought separately for a market leading prices. And remember, unlike High Street Letting Agents, when we provide photography and floorplans they are yours to keep and use as you see fit.

For more information on our subscription packages, visit our Pricing Page here.

How to write a great property listing for Rightmove and Zoopla – In summary

Creating an online listing for your property is not as hard as you think and getting it right is worth your time and effort.
• Consider who would be your ideal tenant and write with them in mind
• Write in a conversational, engaging tone using emotive language
• Talk about benefits as much a features
• Remember, your description must be factually correct and honest
• Don’t forget you’ll also need high quality photography and a floorplan to pair with your copy

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