Managing rental properties through COVID-19


Managing rental properties through COVID-19

By RentiD Admin

Managing rental properties through COVID-19 and beyond

Managing rental properties through COVID-19

We’re an online business set-up to assist self-managing landlords to save time, money, hassle and risk and that includes overseeing all things property management.

RentiD’s Digital Assistant app contains powerful maintenance and repair notification and tracking functionality. This make it easy for landlords and property managers to keep on top of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance requirements using their own, preferred tradespeople

This platform also contains tips to help tenants solve common problems themselves (in a multitude of languages) to reduce the number of unnecessary issues being raised. This is important at a time when existing trade services are stretched due to contractor illness and self-isolation resulting in longer waiting times for assistance

For emergencies, RentiD’s Digital Assistant app is connected 24/7 to the AXA Partners network (or a landlord’s own emergency call-out supplier). ‘Threat to life’ issues can be swiftly attended to at any time – without the landlord having to be woken late at night.

During these challenging times with everyone spending more time at home, we think it’s never been more important for landlords to do right by their tenants and keep on top of their maintenance and repair responsibilities.

Why not try RentiD? With our assistance, you can manage your rental properties though the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Visit our website here for more information and to get started.

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