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Letting Agents in Ascot and Berkshire by rentid.co.uk. Find and compare a great deal for Letting Agency in Ascot. RentiD is the one of the leading supplier of Letting Agents in the Ascot area. A huge range of Letting Agency services including and man

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Letting Agents in Ascot

Whether you have a few HMOs in Ascot, an international portfolio of properties or have just signed off on your first buy-to-let project, to be a success, you will need a reliable Letting Agency in your corner. Here at RentiD, we are proud to be supporting property investors and tenants across the region of Berkshire, offering modern Estate Agents services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Landlords save £1,000 per property they place with us

While having a great tenant and keeping up with maintenance works is important, landlords will understandably be looking at their bottom line, wanting to ensure their investment is making money now, and for many years to come. On average, landlords in Berkshire save £1,000 per property they manage using RentiD. Now, that’s a stat you cannot ignore!

What is the Digital Assistant App?

If you have been searching through our website, you will have read about our Digital Assistant App. This is an app completely unique to RentiD, giving landlords various tech-focused features to help them manage their properties with ease. The app allows for clear communication with your tenants as well as a powerful repair and maintenance reporting tool, allowing you as a landlord to stay within the perimeters of the law and build great relationships with the people renting your properties.

Other services with RentiD

Other services you can access via the RentiD network include:

This means whatever you are looking for in the way of Estate Agents and support, we are here to help.

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