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Letting Agents in Hungerford and Berkshire by rentid.co.uk. Find and compare a great deal for Letting Agency in Hungerford. RentiD is the one of the leading supplier of Letting Agents in the Hungerford area. A huge range of Letting Agency services including and man

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Letting Agents in Hungerford

Here at RentiD, our team has been working in the world of property for many years, having a strong grasp on what landlords, tenants and property managers need to feel happy and content with their rental setup.

Landlords – We have been helping landlords in and around Berkshire for a long time, providing them with an online solution for all of their property needs. From advertising properties and referencing tenants to arranging maintenance works and even tracking rental payments, landlords can enjoy heightened levels of success when using RentiD.

HMO Landlords – If you have an HMO or a portfolio of HMOs, the tasks involved in managing your property/properties will be extensive. Through our Digital Assistant App, HMO landlords can open up conversation with each tenant via the messenger feature. This is a secure online environment in which landlords and tenants can discuss tenancy-related issues, arrange maintenance work, discuss rental payments as so much more.

Property Managers – Are you a property manager looking to save your firm on Estate Agents? If so, then you will want to explore our various subscriptions; all of which have been designed to limit the stresses involved in managing properties in and around Berkshire.

Tenants – Tenants like to feel safe in the knowledge that their landlords not only care about their property but their tenants too. This is why tenants using the RentiD system feel at ease, knowing that they can contact their landlord instantly should something crop up.

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If you are looking to join the modern world of property, explore our many subscription options today. You can find these over on our 'Pricing' page.

Or, if you have any questions about using RentiD as your Letting Agents, contact our helpful team on 0118 391 3100.

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