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Letting Agents in Thatcham and Berkshire by rentid.co.uk. Find and compare a great deal for Letting Agency in Thatcham. RentiD is the one of the leading supplier of Letting Agents in the Thatcham area. A huge range of Letting Agency services including and man

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Letting Agents in Thatcham

Are you a property landlord looking for a modern Estate Agents? If so, then RentiD is here to help. Here at RentiD, we have devised a unique online Letting Agency, allowing landlords to take control of their portfolio and manage tenancies in an efficient, stress-free way.

This is achieved through the use of world-leading technology, with each of our landlords gaining access to the incredible Digital Assistant App. Through the app, landlords can host all of their important documents, making them a paperless landlord. This is in addition to using the live chat feature to discuss any tenancy-related issues with those renting their properties.

Other services landlords can access via the RentiD network include:

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If you are interested in learning more about how RentiD works and see value in self-managing your property, we would love to hear from you. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable team on 0118 391 3100. They can answer any questions you have about RentiD, the app and our subscription solutions. What’s more, they can offer impartial advice on what subscription will best suit your portfolio.

However, if you are confident that RentiD is what you need to manage your property, sign up to one of our subscriptions now.

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