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Letting Agents in West Sussex and Home Counties by rentid.co.uk. Find and compare a great deal for Letting Agency in West Sussex. RentiD is the one of the leading supplier of Letting Agents in the West Sussex area. A huge range of Letting Agency services including and man

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Letting Agents in West Sussex

If you’re a landlord currently with a local High Street letting agent, you may be exploring other options. This is because High Street agencies are renowned for their high rates; something that has a huge impact on landlords’ bottom line.

Lower costs for landlords and tenants

Here at RentiD, we are passionate about lowering costs for both landlords and tenants. This is why we have created the Digital Assistant App; an online app that allows landlords and tenants to connect, store documents and keep track of any work/issues should they need addressing. Taking away the headaches of being a landlord, we are saving landlords time, money and risk on a daily basis.

Finding the right tenants

The biggest task with being a landlord is finding the right tenant, with the right tenant being all you need to enjoy a successful career as a landlord. Landlords using RentiD can enjoy a powerful marketing and referencing solution, finding fully-vetted tenants to occupy their properties.

Add-on services

Through our app, landlords can also access all of the below add-ons at commendable prices:

Join now from only £12.50 plus VAT per month

You can join RentiD today from as little £12.50 a month. And don’t forget, the cost of your subscription is tax-deductible from your rental income!

RentiD services all area around Home Counties

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