Rent Guarantee schemes have never made more sense


Rent Guarantee schemes have never made more sense

By RentiD Admin

Rent Guarantee schemes have never made more sense

Since the start of the global pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, landlords like you are likely to have contended with rent arrears whilst still having to cover costs including mortgage payments. In some cases, these arrears may have stretched over many months resulting in a protracted wait to evict tenants protected by the emergency coronavirus legislation.

Many landlords have been left feeling ‘battered’ by this difficult environment and have had to carefully consider better strategies to mitigate the risks present in buy-to-let investing – many of which we have covered in our blog articles like Help! My tenant is in arrearsSeven deadly pitfalls for landlords to avoid and Why do your own viewings?

Traditionally, rent guarantee schemes have been a good way for a landlord to mitigate risk although availability of new policies was severely restricted during the height of the pandemic. Such schemes also involve a bit of a wait for the landlord to receive funds whilst claims are processed.

Announcing the launch of RentiD Pro – the ultimate Rent Guarantee product

RentiD Pro is not just another rent guarantee scheme. It’s your rent on time guaranteed – the ultimate way to avoid the risk of rent arrears.

With RentiD Pro, your rent is paid on the rent due date every month irrespective of whether your tenant pays.

It’s available for both new and existing tenancies including HMOs and comes complete with a RentiD Property Manager to look after you and your tenancy.

The all inclusive way to save the most time, hassle and risk for less

RentiD Pro is ideal if you are also a more ‘hand-off’ landlord.  Perhaps because you live far away from your rental property or you have more pressing priorities competing for your time or you’re building a property portfolio on your own.

With RentiD Pro, we not only take on the burden of property management, we also include the following which represents remarkable value and big savings versus a comparable service offered by High Street agents offering management plus a traditional rent guarantee scheme (which doesn’t guarantee to pay the rent on time):

  • Rent is paid for up to 12 months or until the property has been vacated
  • Rent arrears chased by our team
  • Legal and eviction cover in the event of court action
  • No excess to pay
  • 2 x comprehensive tenant references including Right To Rent preliminary checks (new tenancies)
  • An AST tailored to your needs and digitally signed by all parties (new tenancies)
  • Deposit registered with Tenancy Deposit Scheme (new tenancies)
  • Management of maintenance and repair issues (exclusive of the cost of works)

For more information about RentiD Pro and to get started today, click here

If rent guarantee schemes have never made more sense, RentiD Pro has got to be worth considering.

The rent guarantee elements of RentiD Pro are powered by Advanced Rent Limited. Advanced Rent Limited are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under FCA number 728481

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