RentiD Digital Assistant now with rent management


RentiD Digital Assistant now with rent management

By RentiD Admin


RentiD Digital Assistant now with rent management

Since we launched the Beta version of our Digital Assistant app, many of our users requested assistance with rent management including the ability to chase and track rent payments.

They told us rent management is one of the most fiddly and time consuming administrative needs of landlords and property managers – especially those overseeing large portfolios. Checking bank statements and sending payment reminders can be very time consuming.

So over the past few months we’ve been working with another exciting PropTech start-up Lettspay to seamlessly integrate their designed-for-the-lettings-industry ePayment platform into the RentiD Digital Assistant app.

We’re delighted to announce that hot on the heals of our recent Version 2 release, landlords and property managers can now request, accept and track rent payments with automatic payment reminders being sent to tenants.


Like you own Client Money bank account

Landlord and property manager users subscribed to RentiD Manage Plus now receive a Lettspay Digital Wallet for each of their properties.

Each Digital Wallet comes with its own sort code and account number and acts in a similar way to a Client Money bank account. Combined with our Digital Assistant app, this makes it easy at a glance to keep track of payments due or outstanding and in arrears.

You stay in complete control of the funds and where they are transferred to.

Our customers can be assured that the Lettspay platform is powered by leading eMoney and payment provider Modulr who are regulated by the FCA and who count FinTech giant Revolut as another one of their users.


It’s never been more important to keep track of rent payments

With the Government extending Schedule 29 of the Coronavirus Act to 31 May 2021, landlords must currently provide tenants with six months’ notice before seeking possession through the courts except in “the most serious of circumstances”.

A “serious circumstance” includes arrears exceeding six months’ rent. For more information from the Government website click here.

It’s therefore never been more important to keep track of rent payments to stay on top of arrears and maintain a record of rent payment history. All of this is now achievable via the RentiD Digital Assistant app without the need for manual entry into spreadsheets or interrogating bank statements.


Take back control today

Our goal has been to provide a truly end-to-end management solution for landlords and property managers. RentiD Manage Plus with rent management is our next step to fulfilling that promise.

Further enhancements will be following shortly including the ability to accept holding and tenancy deposits.

If you’re not already enjoying the time, money, hassle and risk savings of RentiD then why not get started today?

For a limited time, you can trial RentiD Manage Plus free for 30 days. Should you wish to continue taking advantage, then a year’s subscription is only £12.50 per month plus VAT (£180 incl. VAT for the year). Alternatively, pay for the year upfront and receive a 20% discount.

For more information on how our RentiD can help Landlords, then please click here.


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